WallFollow Scenario

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WallFollow Simulation Scenario

In this example, a simulated Robotino follows a wall in a simulated environment based on the input from its simulated ir array. The example is located in the RobotinoMRDS\Simulation\Scenarios\WallFollow folder.

Running the example


You must have the following installed on your system to run this example:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (or Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express)


  1. Navigate to RobotinoMRDS\Simulation\Scenarios\WallFollow\SimWallFollow and open the project SimWallFollow.csproj
  2. Right click on the SimWallFollow project in the Solution Explorer and set it as a startup project
  3. Hit F5


A video of this example can be viewed below. {{#ev:youtube|rcJsAbxi1BY}}