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Robotino is a mobile robot system from Festo Didactic. Robotino provides all the sensors, actuators and software interfaces you would expect from a modern state of the art mobile robot system. An easy to use REST-API(requires OS V4 image) and a C/C++ library let you access all sensors and actors of Robotino in a network transparent manner.

There is also support for SmartSoft and the Robot Operating System (ROS).


For the best experience using our latest Robotino V4, we suggest using the following bundle:

Component Version Directory
Robotino OS 4.20.10 download fsa+f01 Updated USB Image required
Robotino View 4.4.4 download
Robotino Factory 2.5.10 download

Last updated on 06.10.2023


Robotino coding icon 32.png
Robotino smartsoft icon 32.png
SmartSoft - SmartMDSD
Robotino labview icon 32.png
LabVIEW programming
Robotino matlab icon 32.png
MATLAB programming
Robotino rest icon 32.png
Robotino ros icon 32.png
Robot Operating System
Cfcard 32.png
Robotino OS
Robotino sim icon 32.png
Robotino python 32.png
Python programming


Robotino v4 32.png Robotino4 Robotino v3 32.png Robotino3
Robotino v2 32.png Robotino2 Joystick 32.png Joystick
Urg 32.png Laser rangefinder Robotino raspberry 32.png Robotino Raspberry
History 32.png History



2018/02/02 Intralogistics Scenario: Demonstrating Flexible Commissioning with a Heterogenous Robot Fleet

2016/02/22 Robotino® 3 and SmartSoft

Robotino 3 - Fleet Coordination, with Festo Modular Production System

Towards a Robot Fleet for Intra-Logistic Tasks: Combining Free Robot Navigation with Multi-Robot Coordination at Bottlenecks
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