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=== Package links ===
=== Package links ===
[http://www.festo-didactic.com/de-de/service/robotino/robotino-sim.htm Robotino Sim Demo]
[http://www.festo-didactic.com/de-de/service/robotino/simulation/?fbid=ZGUuZGUuNTQ0LjEzLjM0LjE0NDI Robotino Sim Demo]

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Robotino sim icon 64.png Simulate all aspects of Robotino wihtin a physical 3D simulation environment.

Package links

Robotino Sim Demo

Robotino SIM Professional

Robotino SIM Professional is the perfect tool to simulate Robotino in environments created by yourself. All sensors/actors) of Robotino are simulated (including the new laser rangefinder and the manipulator).

For further information please send an email to info@openrobotino.org

Robotino SIM

Free version of the Robotino simulator. Lets you simulate Robotino's drivesystem, distance sensors, camera and more. See Package links for download details.