Setup the build environment

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Using binary packages

Get the openrobotino1 binary packages from the download page.

Building from source

Download the external depencies package. (REC internal \\fileserver\openrobotino_external*)

Unpack the 7z archive to a local harddisk. On Linux

sudo apt-get install p7zip
7zr x openrobotino_external_20101230.7z
find external -wholename "*/bin/*" -exec chmod +x {} \;

Set the environment variable OPENROBOTINO_EXTERNAL_DIR to the full path of the just unpacked external folder.

Get the sources via SVN from

Use cmake to configure the openrobotino1 folder.

Visual Studio 2010 Express

The express version is missing some headers and the redistributable package. Please install the Windows SDK for your system.


Robotino API Version 2.0

Read about the new API2