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Robotino Web Interface provides a convenient way to remote control Robotino, execute Roboview programs, and even do mapping and navigation tasks. The Web Interface can be used with any modern browser without any plugin, and therefore also on smartphones and tablets.
The main functionalities include:

  1. Remote Control.
    Command the movement of Robotino in either Velocity Mode or Distance Mode. Pictures from the camera and distances measured by the IR sensors are also displayed.
    Robotino Web Interface
  2. Mapping and Navigation.
    Based on SmartSoft and SmartMDS, Robotino (with a laser rangefinder) can perform mapping and navigation tasks out of the box, using purely the Web Interface.
    Robotino Web Interface
  3. Run RoboView Programs.
    RoboView programs can be easily uploaded and executed.
    Robotino Web Interface
  4. Inspection and Configuration.
    Using the Web Interface, battery info and other status of Robotino can be inspected. network and other settings can be modified.

Build Webpages from Source

Robotino Web Interface is pre-installed on Robotino® 3. Nevertheless, it can be built and installed from source as instructed here.

Detailed Features Description

Robotino Web Interface has many functionalities. The detail information for developers can be found here.