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robotino-smartsoft-src contains some components of the SmartRobotino system. To compile and install these components you have to

  • stop the smartsoft-master or smartsoft-slave service depending to which service the component belongs. If you are in doubt stop both services
robotino@robotino:~$ sudo systemctl stop smartsoft-slave
robotino@robotino:~$ sudo systemctl stop smartsoft-master

Now copy the source directory of the component to your user directory, configure it with cmake and finally build and install it.

robotino@robotino:~$ cp -R /opt/smartsoft/src/components/SmartFestoMPSDocking/ .
robotino@robotino:~$ cd SmartFestoMPSDocking/
robotino@robotino:~/SmartFestoMPSDocking$ mkdir build
robotino@robotino:~/SmartFestoMPSDocking$ cd build/
robotino@robotino:~/SmartFestoMPSDocking/build$ cmake ..
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /home/robotino/SmartFestoMPSDocking/build
robotino@robotino:~/SmartFestoMPSDocking/build$ sudo make nodep
[  5%] Linking CXX executable SmartFestoMPSDocking
Generate Breakpad symbols for SmartFestoMPSDocking
Generate Breakpad symbols for file:  SmartFestoMPSDocking /home/robotino/SmartFestoMPSDocking/build/SmartFestoMPSDocking
Install SmartFestoMPSDocking
-- Install configuration: ""
-- Installing: /opt/smartsoft/symbols/SmartFestoMPSDocking.sym
-- Installing: /opt/smartsoft/bin/SmartFestoMPSDocking
-- Set runtime path of "/opt/smartsoft/bin/SmartFestoMPSDocking" to "/opt/smartsoft/lib"
[100%] Built target SmartFestoMPSDocking

Now restart the services.

robotino@robotino:~$ sudo systemctl start smartsoft-master
robotino@robotino:~$ sudo systemctl start smartsoft-slave