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The Robot Operating System ROS hosted and maintained by Willow Garage is a free meta operating system for mobile robots. This page describes the adaption of Robotino C++ API to ROS. {{#ev:youtube|N7Gbe7vnufM}}


You will need a Linux (preferable Ubuntu) PC in order to run ROS. As we need much computational power for SLAM and especially path planning Robotinos PC104 is overstrained. So we use a laptop or desktop PC communicating to Robotino via wireless.

Install ROS. How to do this read the ROS installation instructions.

Install the latest openrobotino1 package and install it (you do not need to set symlinks nor do you need to install the examples).

Get the Robotino ROS drivers:

svn co robotino-ros

Put the robotino-ros into the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. If everything is setup correctly you can run

rosmake robotino_drivers