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Robotino3 and National Instruments myRIO

The Festo Robotino and National Instrument myRIO share their focus in the field of educational and research work. The Robotino myRIO Toolkit provides drivers and API for the Robotino and some VI examples so that the user can start their Robotino LabVIEW experience out of the box.

For futher information about the hardware read the article on the Robotino myRIO Hardware

Schematic of the Robotino myRIO adapter board

Robotino myRIO Toolkit

The Robotino myRIO Toolkit is a NI LabView API for the set-up of a Festo Robotino3 with a NI myRIO as control unit. The Toolkit includes VIs for a simplified implementation of the Omnidrive, IR-Sensors and other I/O. All VIs are open source and can be modified.

For further information read the article on the Robotino myRIO Toolkit

Get the Source and VI package from

Get the VI package used at the NI Worldclass 2016. The VI pakcage has been improved by Peter Simandl who is a professional Application Engineer working at NI.

The current Block Diagram Palette

Power Button

The Power Button is run by an ATtiny24A microcontroller and is individually programmable. The standard setup of the Power Button proceeds like the following:

Power Button State Diagram

For further information on programming the microcontroller read this Power Button Guide