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Robotino java icon 64.png Java is supported by wrapping Robotino's C++ API using Swig

Package links

API2 binary packages

Getting started

Download the Robotino API2 binary package that fits the bitness of your JAVA environment. For Linux we only support 64 bit Linux with 64 bit JAVA environment. Install the package.


  • Copy the Java example directory to your home directory. The JAVA examples can be found at c:/program files/REC GmbH/robotino/api2/examples/java. Note that "program files" can differ for 32bit or 64bit windows.
  • Start Eclipse and follow the instructions how to run the examples using Eclipse


  • Instal the packages shown here. Also set the JAVA_HOME environment variable. You might want to set it in .profile and .bashrc.
  • Copy /usr/local/robotino/api2/wrapper/examples/java to your home directory.
  • Change directory to the Camera example and execute
ant run

The Openrobotino Forum

The Openrobotino Forum connects the developers with the users. Here you will find more support and you can also post your questions/problems/bugs etc and get a quick response.