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* [[API2 | RobotinoAPI2]] (recommended)
* [[API2 | RobotinoAPI2]]
* [[OpenRobotinoAPI | OpenRobotinoAPI]] (old)

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Robotino cpp icon 64.png The application programming interface (API) for Robotino(r) from Festo Didactic permits full access to Robotino's sensors and actors. Communication between the control program and Robotino is handled via TCP and UDP and is therefore fully network transparent. It does not matter whether the control program runs direcly on Robotino or on a remote system.

Package links

Code API

Source code

OpenRobotinoAPI binary package

API Versions

The API for Robotino is available in two versions; the older OpenRobotinoAPI and the newer RobotinoAPI2. We strongly recommend you to switch to the new RobotinoAPI2. Below are the instructions for installing both of these APIs.