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Cfcard 64.png Robotino is powered by Linux (Ubuntu). But it is also possible to install Microsoft Windows on Robotino.


In addition to the standard Ubuntu operating system there are packages installed that make up the Robotino infrastructure. These packages can be installed from the Robotino repository.

Package Description Changelog 16.04 18.04 20.04 win
robotino-daemons Contains apps for hardware abstraction and communication to the hardware Changelog link link link link
robotino-dev Robotino specific communication library Changelog link link link na
rec-rpc General communication library Changelog link link link na
robotino-api2 C/C++ programming library Changelog link link link link
robview4 Graphical programming of Robotino Changelog na link link link
robfactory Setup and control utility for Robotino in industrial environments Changelog link link link link

Network interfaces

Port Description
80 Web-Interface and REST-API
8153 SmartRobotinoMasterRPCBridge
8154 SmartRobotinoRPCBridge
8155 SmartPurePursuitNavigation
8156 SmartNavigationPlanner
8160 SmartSoftMasterVersion service
12080 rpcd interface for C++ API
19531 Journal of Robotino

Robotino 3

Robotino 2


A subset of Robotino's functionality is provided by the robotino-daemons for Windows installer. It includes

  • rpcd: Robotino's central message dispatcher
  • controld3: Access to Robotino's Motors and IOs.
  • laserd: Support for Hokuyo URG laser rangefinders.
  • restapid: Robotino's web-interface and Robotino's REST-API.

The main reason for running Windows on Robotino is to run Matlab or LabView directly on Robotino. This gives you fast access to the Robotino platform and local access to other devices that are handled directly by Matlab or LabView.

On Windows 10 you have to disable Signed Driver Enforcement:


After installing the daemons package you can reenable it:


You also have to disable Microsoft BallPoint driver. If not USB devices might be detected as serial mouse:

REG ADD "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\sermouse" /V Start /T REG_DWORD /F /D 4