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Robotino v3 64.png Robotino v3 is the current version of Robotino.


Robotino3 NiMH accumulators Robotino3 gyroscope Robotino3 charger
Robotino3 Omniwheel Wireless LAN Robotino3 and National Instruments myRIO
Robotino XT Grappler Electrical gripper

VNC connection

There is a small X server and a VNC server running on Robotino3. Use TightVNC to connect to Robotino3. In the VNC viewer you see the same screen as when connecting a VGA monitor to Robotino3.

Right mouse click on the background shows a menu from which you could start Robotino View.

BIOS setup

  Intel IGD SWSCI OpRegion
    IGD - Boot Type [CRT]
    LCD Panel Type [1600x1200 (48bit)]

Date and Time

Set the date and time using

sudo ntpdate -u