Programming the Power Button

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Creating a new project

You can skip this step if using the template project files. First open Atmel Studio 7.0 then go to File->New-Project and choose GCC C Exuteable Project


Then choose the ATtiny 24A in the Device Selection


Now you have created an project where you can write or add files to program the ATtiny24A

Change the code

Open the Project file with Atmel Studio 7.0.

After this you can start to write a new program yourself or you can make changes in powerbutton.c of the template project

Programming the microcontroller

When your changes in the code for the microcontroller are done the reprogramming the microcontroller over ISP is necessary.

Therefore connect the ISP-Programmer with the PC and Robotino3 then go to Built->Built Solution (F7) and afterwards if built sucessfully go to Tools->Device Programming (ctrl+shift+p).

Now set the right Devices and ISP Clock to 125 kHz.


Then go to the Memories tab and program the microcontroller


If the flash is verified the Power Button is ready for usage