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Welcome to Robotino Wiki
Robotino is a mobile robot system from Festo Didactic. Robotino provides all the sensors, actuators and software interfaces you would expect from a modern state of the art mobile robot system. An easy to use C++-API lets you access all sensors and actors of Robotino in a network transparent manner.

There is also support for SmartSoft and the Robot Operating System (ROS).

Software overview 32.png
Robotino cpp icon 32.png
C++ programming
Robotino smartsoft icon 32.png
SmartSoft - SmartMDSD
Robotino labview icon 32.png
LabVIEW programming
Robotino matlab icon 32.png
MATLAB programming
Robotino rest icon 32.png
Cfcard 32.png
Robotino OS
Robotino sim icon 32.png
2018/02/02 Intralogistics Scenario: Demonstrating Flexible Commissioning with a Heterogenous Robot Fleet

2016/02/22 Robotino® 3 and SmartSoft

Robotino 3 - Fleet Coordination, with Festo Modular Production System Towards a Robot Fleet for Intra-Logistic Tasks: Combining Free Robot Navigation with Multi-Robot Coordination at Bottlenecks More news