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|Windows 32bit
|Windows 64bit
|[http://doc.openrobotino.org/download/RobotinoView/RobotinoView-3.2.1.exe download]
|[http://packages.openrobotino.org/windows/robview download]

Latest revision as of 10:06, 2 May 2019

Interaction Software

Robotino icon 32.png Robotino View

Drag&Drop Programming language used to program Robotino remotely or locally.

Version OS Link
latest Windows 64bit download
2.8.4 Windows 32bit download
2.8.4 Linux 32bit download

RobotinoFactory 32.png Robotino Factory

Touch-optimised App to interact with Robotino's Mapping & Localisation features (Requires Firmware with SmartSoft Components and suitable Sensory)

  • Windows: download the latest version from here.
  • Linux: download the latest version from here.

API, Plugins & Packages

Robotino c icon 32.png Robotino cpp icon 32.png Robotino java icon 32.png Robotino dotnet icon 32.png API2

Version OS Compiler Link
latest Windows 32bit Visual Studio 2010 32bit download
latest Windows 64bit Visual Studio 2010 64bit download

Also contains Matlab API2 wrapper.

For Linux users there are repositories available for all supported Ubuntu versions.

Robotino matlab icon 32.png Matlab

Version Description Link
2.1.1 Uses the old API1. Runs with Robotino2. download
REST-API Uses Robotino's RESTful API. You need latest robotino-daemons package. download

Robotino labview icon 32.png LabVIEW

API Version Link
API1 for Robotino v2 2.0.0 download
API2 for Robotino v3 1.1.1 download

LabVIEW Drivers (32 and 64 bit) tested with

  • LabView 8.5.1 (32 bit)
  • LabView 2010 (32 bit)
  • LabView 2010 (64 bit)

Robotino tools icon 32.png Robotino tools

Version OS Link
latest Windows 32bit download
latest Windows 64bit download

Source code available at svn.openrobotino.org.

Combines ea09com, EA09View and the EA09 matlab drivers.


USB-stick 32.png Robotino 3 (2014-2019) images

Version Description
3.1.5 Ubuntu 16.04.3
3.1.6-smartsoft-2.3.4.fsa changes

All images can be found here. Read Robotino3_usb_restore how-to install the image to your Robotino.

After installing a new image the SSID of your Robotino is Robotino3AP. The PSK is robotino3ap.

Cfcard 32.png CF card images(Robotino 1+2 until 2013) DEPRECATED

  • Tutorial: How to flash a CF card for Robotino 2
Version CF-card size dd
2.4 1GB dd-image (265MB) md5sum
2.4 4GB dd-image (506MB) md5sum

4GB images contain

  • Sun Java 6 JDK
  • ANT compiler
  • Robotino View 2 API

All images and tools can be found here.