Building the examples with Eclipse

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  1. Please install the latest Java Development Kit.
  2. Also download the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. You don't need to install this, just unzip the downloaded zip file in your preferred directory.

Building the Camera example

  1. Run eclipse.exe
  2. Select your preferred workspace if you haven't done so already.
  3. Once eclipse has started, select File->New->Project from the Menu bar.

    Build java new project.png
  4. Select "Java Project from Existing Ant Buildfile" by expanding the Java field.

    Build java select ant buildfile.png
  5. Navigate to the build.xml file in the Camera folder to locate the Ant Buildfile. Click finish.

    Build java navigate to buildfile.png
  6. Once the project has been loaded, build and run it as a "Java Application".

    Build java run java application.png
  7. If the "Select Java Application" window opens then replace the ** by main and then select Main - (default package).

    Build java select main.png
  8. The application should now run. Type the IP address of Robotino and click Connect.

    Build java application.png

Other examples

Repeat the same procedure as above to build the other examples.