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(Getting started)
(Getting started)
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* [[API2_quickstart|Quickstart guide to use API2]]
* [[API2_quickstart|Quickstart guide to use API2]]
* [[Cpp2|How to build API2 examples]]
* [[Cpp2|How to build API2 examples]]
* [[API2_install_daemons|How to install API2 daemons on Robotino]]
* [[Install_daemons_v3|How to install API2 daemons on Robotino]]
* [[Cpp2|C++ programming with API2]]
* [[Cpp2|C++ programming with API2]]

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Robotino api2 icon 64.png The new API2 for Robotino is currently in its final stages of development and it is supposed to replace the current OpenRobotinoAPI on Robotino.

Package links

API2 binary packages

API2 ready to use CF card image

The new API2 is based on a RPC like infrastructure. The REC-RPC library is a interprocess communication middleware similar to ROS. It is completely based on Qt and does not have any other dependencies.

Documentation can be found here.

New features

The major new features introduced in the API2 are:

  • Kinect sensor now supported
  • Support for up to 4 cameras.
  • Support for up to 4 laser rangefinders.
  • Support for camera controls like brightness, contrast, auto white balance (Note: The supported controls depend on the camera used).
  • Integrated web server for controlling Robotino by a web browser or your smartphone.
  • Easier build process due to minimal dependencies on external libraries.
  • Uses TCP port 12080 for communication only. This minimizes problems with firewalls.

Getting started

Robotino API2 Overview

Api2 overview 600.png
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