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Robotino rest icon 64.png With the latest robotino-daemons package Robotino's web-interface is based on a Restful server listening at port 80 on Robotino. The server not only makes data available to Robotino's web interface but can also be used to access Robotino's sensors and actors. Rest Api is part of all images from V4 and later.



Get camera image from cam0. The response is image/jpeg.

Matlab example



Get image showing distance sensors and bumper. The response is image/png.

Matlab example



Get data from Festool Li-Ion batteries.


Get information about voltage and system current.


Data for build in charger 0


Data for build in charger 1


HW and SW version.


Data of Robotino specific services.


Status of service xxx.


Data of all analog inputs.



Data of all digital inputs.


values being true or false


Status of all digital outputs.


values being true or false


Status of all relays.


values being true or false


Status of Robotinos bumper

  "value" : value

value being true or false.


Readings from Robotinos distance sensors



Data of the first Laser rangefinder.

  "seq" : sequence number,
  "stamp" : time stamp,
  "angle_min" : minimum angle,
  "angle_max" : maximum angle,
  "angle_increment" : angle increment,
  "time_increment" : time increment,
  "scan_time" :  scan time,
  "range_min" : minimum range,
  "range_max" : maximum range,
  "ranges" : [],
  "intensities" : []


Robotino's odometry.


x : x position in m
y : y position in m
rot : rotation in rad
vx : x vel in m/s
vy : y vel in m/s
omega : rot vel in rad/s
seq : sequence number


Get version of Robotino's OS image.

  "version" : "imagever"


Get current in A from Robotino's power output (motor4)

  "current" : value



Set forwward and rotational velocity. You have to send data periodically at least every 200ms. If no data is received for more than 200ms Robotino will stop.


vx : x-vel in m/s"
vy : "y-vel in m/s"
omega : rot-vel in rad/s

Matlab example

webwrite('',[vx vy omega])


  "num" : NUM ,
  "val" : VAL

NUM in range [0,7] and val being true or false



value being true or false


  "num" : NUM ,
  "val" : VAL

NUM in range [0,1] and VAL being true or false



val0,val1 being false or true


  "value" : value

value in the range -100 to 100


Upload Robotino View program to /home/robotino/programs.

  "name" : "filename with extension",
  "size" : size of raw (unencoded) binary data,
  "data" : file data base64 encoded


  "message" : "message what happend on the server",
  "success" : boolean showing if operation was successfull